Yanna Bamboo Purple Camelia by Masumi Headwear


This beautiful bamboo cap is perfectly soft and ideal if you are going through Chemotherapy, have Alopecia or are indeed sensitive on the scalp.

A detachable scarf means you can be creative with the design every time you wear it!




Before purchasing a hairpiece

Always read and follow product instructions or follow maintenance and information appropriate to the hair type to avoid unnecessary damage. See here for more details.
Always measure the circumference of your head before purchasing to get the closest fit.  Go to 'Getting started' for guidance



This stunning cap comes in one size fits all.

Made from 95% breathable bamboo and 5% spandex.

Temperature regulating so ideal to keep warm or keep cool.

This can be put on a gentle wash or simply hand wash.  No tumble drying.

This soft cap has no seams inside to make it super comfortable!



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