‘Talking hair loss with katie dear’ Podcast


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Talking Hair loss with Katie Dear Podcast
Talking hair loss with Katie Dear Podcast

This podcast is about sharing personal journeys of hair loss.

I talk from my position as a Hair Loss and Wig Consultant, from sourcing hair pieces to making referrals to specialists.

I interview those dealing with hair loss through either Chemotherapy or Dermatology, sharing their experiences, how they have coped and talking with some experts along the way too.

As a hair loss consultant I realised how traumatic losing hair can be and that most clients I met weren’t even talking to anyone about it until they met me and only because they were there to purchase a wig.

I am trying to change that with this podcast and I hope that one persons story might just inspire another to not stay silent and encourage them to look for support. As well as selling wigs and products online with face to face consultations, I hope that the podcast will be a support to those that need it.

Please press ‘FOLLOW’ and ‘SHARE’ when you listen and tell one person about the show that might find it helpful and change their journey with hair loss for the better. Thank you for listening.

If you have a story that you think needs to be told or you are a client that I have seen in the past purchasing wigs and you feel safe in telling your journey of hair loss, do get in touch.   Whether your hair loss  is from going through treatment or an Alopecia condition, do get in touch.    Email me katiedearpodcast@gmail.com

Lets try and get people out of the silence and get them talking about their hair loss condition.

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