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Choosing a wig for the first time for necessity can be daunting especially if you are wearing it out of necessity. Lots of my clients would find the right style, right fit and start wearing their wig straight away which was brilliant. But not everyone is so keen and you might keep the wig in the box for a few months before getting it out, by which time you may have changed your mind on the style and colour by then! If you are struggling with hair loss and your journey has not been a simple one, you might not have told anyone or are just super nervous about the fit and making sure it stays on is where taking your time and doing your research, in the beginning, is key in gaining your confidence.

Measuring your head or your ‘cap’ size is the first order of business. Go to Getting Started for more of a guide.

After you have all your measurements you’ll notice that the information next to the pictures of wigs on the website has measurements as a guide for that particular item.

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