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Well, actually it’s all about the fit and if the base isn’t comfortable for you then it’s all about the base! So, these are the basics to look into –

means that hair is stitched by machine onto elastic making the construction of the wig. This gives you room in the back to stretch over hair if you need to. Also for some people it is cooler but always remember it’s personal preference.

If the hair piece at the top is wefted too it will mean that you get more height and thickness in the style.

means that the base is often softer and lighter so this is good for anyone sensitive or going through treatment.

Means that the top piece in the wig is really natural and sometimes means that you can move the partings about when ordinarily they are fixed in one place.

These are the most natural front to have in the hairline. The lace can run back into and up to the crown giving really natural partings.

There are wigs that are completely wefted which is a front with no lace which will generally be styled so you can’t see the front or wefted back and a lace front. There are hybrids of the main constructions but just research and get as close as you can to what you think you might like. Don’t be too influenced on what other wig wearers like because we are all different and until you start wearing wigs only experience will tell you what your preferences are. What someone else doesn’t like about one you might love it and it is right for you.

Like any advice on my website it’s taken from experience from doing wig fittings on my clients but nobody is you, people can advise but it’s your choice and what makes you happy at the end of the day.

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