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Wig Bases and Constructions

There are many basic constructions and then hybrids of them too! The constructions below are a guide to what is inside the wig piece. Measuring your head circumference is always a help so you know before purchasing that it is the right size for you.

Fully Wefted 

This means that it is a stretch base all the way from back to front. Often having a fringe to cover the line at the top.

Lace Fronted

Lace front running around the hair line and often running through partings

Hand Tied

This is a non stretchy material with a little give and often very soft and slightly lighter than fully wefted

Altering Size

There are different adjustments in the nape of the wigs, sometimes they are velcro and sometime like a bra strap type fitting. Don’t tighten too much or you will get the wig moving up the back of your head feeling

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