A few weeks ago I hosted a girly party to try out a NEW Makeup brand by Americas Next Top Model Makeup Artist JAY MANUEL, and it was so much fun!!  So here’s a quick review on five of the ones we tried.

From the Filter Finish Collection, Skin Perfector Foundation

Since the party I have put the Foundation under a little test by wearing it for a 12 hour day filming.   It performed really well! I didn’t even use a powder to set it! The coverage was amazing and covered redness on my cheeks like magic.  It’s a little thicker than my usual foundation but to know it won’t budge on a long day at work is worth it, just apply sparingly! The packaging is really tactile too, which is a bonus!

The Jay Manuel Beauty Mascara

This is great for me as I have such small, sparse lashes that I’m always hunting down the best mascara! For me, it’s all in the shape of the wand which is straight and slim, perfect and gives great coverage! Hurragh! 

 Jay Manuel photo illusion concealer

This is great too! Again, you have to go sparingly because it’s thicker than most other concealers but the colours are great so you get a good blend.  Again, lovely packaging on this too.

Jay Manuel Lipsticks and Lip glosses

These come in a great range of colours, the pigments pack a punch and they have great staying power.

Jay Manuel Skin Face Lift Powders

These are great little highlighters or wherever you want a little sparkle! When you first open them up avoid applying straight onto the face.  As you take the stopper out, the colour will just come out in the middle so to achieve an even application make sure you work the colour through the bristles beforehand!

There is definitely something for everyone in the NEW Jay Manuel makeup collection!