Wearing Lashes on the day?


False Lashes on the wedding day???

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Look out for your ETT!! (Extra Top Tips!!)

Whether you want to make the eyes the focus or keep them a natural part of your wedding makeup there are lots of options for you!

False lashes in every form are a great thing in my opinion and can add so much to a look.  If you have been blessed with lovely lashes you probably won’t need extra help, in which case you probably don’t need to read this!

What should I be looking for?

I can give you a guide but it’s a personal choice when it really comes down to having extensions or buying strip…

First Move - Whichever you go for make sure you do a dummy run.  Especially if you have never tried them before.  Unless you feel confident don’t leave it until the day of the wedding before you have falsies applied or extensions fitted.   It can sometimes take a little getting used to when you can suddenly see lashes that aren’t normally there or they feel a bit heavy.  Like most thing once you have tried them for a while you soon get used to them.

It is better to go and get the extensions done or take strip lashes for a night out so you are already used to them come the day.  You can always buy a cheap pair to try out.  If you have any worries about the extensions or if you get them done a few days before the wedding you always have time to go back and get them rechecked if you need to. 

Remember you don’t need extra worries of something not feeling quite right on the day itself.

ETT! – Strip lashes will have taken on the shape of the packet they were in so might be a bit stiff and want to ping off your own lashes which is another good reason to wear them before the big day!

After wearing strip lashes just make sure you take the glue off after and put them safely in the box to keep their shape.

If you are heavy handed with them you can distort the shape, especially if they are thin – so gentle hands. 

ETT! – Don’t forget you can wear strip lashes again and again IF you take care of them.

Strip lashes can give instant drama or give you a confidence down the aisle.

Lash extensions can stay put for a matter of days or longer depending on the type.  I think with extensions like most things, if you can get a recommendation that is the way to go.

Where to get your strip lashes….

When buying strip lashes it depends what you are looking for.  I think the more natural you want them – pay more for them. 

If you are worried about them feeling uncomfortable and heavy – pay more for them, they will often be lighter. 

I loveShu Uemura, Mac and Illamasqua.  They do them so they have a lovely thin edge so will look really natural and be very light to wear.  So you should get used to them pretty quickly.

ETT! – When you have bought them before you leave see if they can fit them to your lashes to get the right length which will need a little snip.  If you snip them yourselves always snip from the inside (shorter) never the outside (longer)!

ETT!  - Take the little glue falsies come with in the packet.  The day is going to be long so make sure you get someone to carry this and a cocktail stick in case of an emergency quick fix!!

I hope there is something here that will help you in your quest!!

Now you have some Insiders knowledge - go shop for lashes!!!