9 tips for glowing skin before "I do"!

“How do I care for my skin in preparation for my wedding day?”

This is a regular question I get from my Brides when coming for their makeup trials.  So I thought I’d open my first page on my blog and give you ‘Brides-to-be’ some tips I think might help.  When the clocks are a against us we can neglect the small things so give yourself some time and invest in yourself running up to the big day!

 1)    Give your routine a boost with a weekly face mask or a gentle face scrub to give it a light conditioning treatment.  Buy to suit your budget, often you can get really nice single sachets that will still leave some money for your outfit for the Hen do!

2)    Countdown on your Calendar started?  It is often hard to switch off into Slumber-land with so much going on with the preparations and lack of sleep will only hinder a fresh face for the Big day (as a mum to a 2 year old trust me, I know about lack of sleep!).  Remember to give yourself some time to switch off before bed time, why not relax with some meditation or yoga.

 3)    Try and apply an under eye cream at night too.  I really like Khiels ‘Midnight Recovery.  You don’t need a lot so don’t be put off by the price!

 4)    Many of us are used to wearing makeup for work on a daily basis so give your skin some chance to be itself for a while.   As soon as you get chance or in from work get naked…well, your face that is and let it breath. 

 5)    Try and avoid wipes as a daily remover.  They are handy for a quick fix but some can be prone to drying your skin out if used regularly so stick to a nice gentle cleansing routine.  Again, Kiehls get the thumbs up from me with their ‘Ultra Facial Cleanser’.  If the purse strings are loose enough treat yourself to a facial.  It’s a busy time running around organising such a special time so, treat yourself!

 6)    When morning comes….don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun!  Try to get a moisturiser with SPF in.  It’s good practice even if you don’t think the sun is out put it on anyway.


It is time for some clean living for a while!  I believe that what you put in shows on the outside.

Don't think you have to live a miserable existence in the last few months to be tip top when you are face to face with your man-to-be.  You don’t have to cut out - just cut back!   We are tweaking here! On the whole try and follow a few simple tricks if you want the best glowing and healthy looking skin on your big day!

 7)    Your skin will thank you if you have a break from caffeine.  I’ve gone through that coffee habit on your way into work every day!  We are creatures of habit so break an old one and get into a new one!  Be spontaneous and grab a lemon or mint tea instead and you’ll be surprised how you get used to something new!  It will make a difference to how you feel and how your skin looks.   The more natural the better it will be for you.

8)    Up your H20 intake.  Getting some water on board will definitely be your ally in tackling a fresh face! Throw a bottle in your bag so you can grab some where ever you go.

 9)    Eating healthily will always help too so enjoy the last of the summer salads! Quick!


Boost your routine with a weekly mask

Learn to relax your mind and get some sleep

Repair and soothe the under-eye with a nightcream

Get naked and let your skin breath

Avoid harsh removers

Apply your daily defense and get your SPF’S on!

Cut back on caffeine

Increase water intake

Get healthy from the inside out and boost your diet


I hope some or all of these tips will help you ladies in your quest for lovely, glowing skin when the day comes to say.. 

“I do”!

How exciting!!!