Here are 6 tips to get you thinking about your makeup for the big day and prepare you for your makeup trial!! 


1. Do you have something you would like to make a feature of?

 Do you like your eyes to be stronger and your lips more natural or love a pout, go for a             stronger colour on the lips and keep your eyes lighter.  It is always good to keep one lighter than the other so the overall  look isn't too heavy unless you are going for drama of course!

2.       Your smackers.

Matte lips or gloss?  Don’t forget gloss won’t last the day and will need topping up.

You can always go with a natural  balm if you shy away from a lippy.


3 .    Favourite Products.      .

Are there any products you particularly like that you want to make sure you use on the day? Make sure you bring them with you for the trial.


4.       Sensitive?

Don’t forget to mention when booking your trial if you are sensitive or allergic to any products.


5.       Trying different foundations?

Do you want Airbrush or regular foundation? Research both options


6.       Lashes

If you feel you are short on lashes don’t forget the boosters! Try some individuals or a speedy strip lash for instant pop!  They don’t have to be heavy you can buy some amazing fine lashes that are really light weight and comfortable.

If you don’t know wear much makeup in the day normally don’t be scared of trying something new as it can always still be natural.

The more you research before your trials the more detail you can get over to your stylist the closer you get to personalising your style.