Here are 5 tips that I normally give my ‘Brides-to-be’ before they head to me for their wedding trials. Start planning your hair!

1. The Dress.

When you know the style of your dress say, if it is strapless do you want your hair up to show off your shoulders?  The dress has a lot to do with how you wear your hair so maybe when you are trying on the dress in the shop, play with your hair for a moment, holding your hair up and maybe to the side will give you a loose idea.  ALSO, take pictures just so you can look back to decide as you might not see the dress for a while.

2. Does the wedding day have a theme and do you want your style to reflect this?

Festival, beachy, 40’s or just personal to you?

3. Do you think you might keep wanting to fiddle with your hair through the day?

Maybe go for an ‘up-do’, secure and out the way?

4. What styles do you like?

Do you like dramatic, statement, natural or soft? Again, you may know by now if you have the dress!

5. Hair texture? Heavy locks or fine wispies?

If you have a lot of hair, half up/half down makes the most of it, or a mass of curls for an up do!   Have you got fine hair and would like it to appear thicker for the day, maybe having it up would be better than down for this.  ALSO think about extensions as a possibility?  Have you realistically got time to grow it?

5. Is there a certain way you wear your hair every day that you would like to keep within the style and then have everything else different from the norm? every day straight – why not go for curls but keep your faithful fringe?

Sometimes when you are center of attention wearing your hair completely different can be daunting so, maybe you always have a side fringe or maybe you always like it over your ears or a particular side of the shoulder.  These may seem like small decisions but are important to tell your stylist so you still feel as special, yet comfortable and most definitely still you….